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MK/International School Faculty and Staff

GDQ International Christian School seeks to provide a Christ-centered, academically enriching, international education for the missionary and international business community. We offer a college-preparatory curriculum (kindergarten through grade 12) and have an outstanding teaching staff focused on developing each child’s character and potential. Along with providing a quality educational program for the international community, we [...]

Teacher for Missionary Children

We are praying for a person with teaching experience to join our small co-op school for missionary children in Kankan, Guinea. This ministry provides much needed support to missionary families, investing in their kids’ education while allowing their ministries to continue to flourish. [...]

Preschool English teacher

Safe Haven Society is a Lebanese evangelical organization that serves at-risk children in Beirut, Lebanon. Our community center is currently running educational programs for children who have never been to school as well as homework support programs for at-risk children. Our preschool English teacher leads a class for a small group of children between the [...]

Child or School Psychologist

Use your training and experience as a Child Psychologist in a school setting in Ghana. This opportunity may include counseling children, diagnosing learning issues and creating IEPs for children in a school setting. This is an opportunity to minister to children, their families and the educators in Ghana. [...]

MK/International School Faculty and Staff

Join International Community School in Bangkok, Thailand in educating students & encouraging them to dynamically impact their world as Christians. See for more information. [...]

Elementary Teachers/ Special Education Teachers

Use your training and experience in education/special education to teach students in a local Christian charter school. This is a great opportunity to minister to children, their families and the educators in Ghana. [...]

Lending Library Intern

Bright Horizons Lending Library is a unique resource available to both the Ugandan and ex-pat community. The focus and original driving force behind establishing this library is to support homeschooling families. For ex-pat families, the library offers a familiar and dearly missed opportunity to access hundreds of books. For Ugandan families, this is a brand [...]

Community Center English Teachers

At the Community Center in Strasbourg, there will be opportunities for language teachers to assist in teaching English to individuals and families in our multicultural neighborhood. Our center will offer language classes and conversation practice several times per week. There are opportunities to invest deeply in our families through this much-needed skill. [...]

University Professors

Come be a light for Christ in Central Asia. Teach in a local university in the subject of your advanced degree. Learn the language. Engage in building community and relationships. [...]

English Teacher

Come be a light for Christ in Central Asia. Teach English in a local university or in non-university settings. Learn the language. Engage in building community and relationships. [...]

ESL Teacher to Adults

Teach English to adults at an established English center in a capital city of North Africa. There are also evening conversation clubs which help strengthen students’ abilities to speak and understand English. Through teaching and conversation groups, relationships are built for sharing with students the Hope that is within us. Available time frames: 2 months, [...]

English Teacher and Conversation Partner

The chance to practice speaking English with a "native speaker" is still a draw to people in Poland. Through this avenue, you will have many opportunities to build relationships that often lead to open doors for evangelism. Classes are generally small to facilitate conversation, and many people choose to meet one-on-one. Whether you have a [...]

Educational Consultant

Educational consultants serving with AERC (Asia Education Resource Consortium) work with their colleagues to provide educational services and support for Christian worker (M) families serving in Asia through the operation of resource centers, consulting with and advising parents, providing appropriate testing services, conducting conferences, providing workshops, and making home visits as needed. [...]


Oversee the large fleet of vehicles, boats, quads, and motorcycles associated with the work of the Sarobidy Maternity Center and Eden Reforestation Projects. Develop a training program with Malagasy men who are interested in mechanics. [...]

University and ESL Outreach

The shortage of practicing Christians in France means there are large segments of French society that lack a Gospel presence. Be a light for the good news of Jesus Christ through living and working in this context. [...]

Teacher at Pokhara Study Centre

Pokhara Study Centre (PSC) is the only educational facility outside the Kathmandu Valley offering an international curriculum. This is an important factor in enabling parents with international level expertise to live outside the Kathmandu Valley and be closer to the people who most need their professional skills.INF’s vision for PSC is to offer high quality, [...]

University Librarian

Join the team in Rwanda in the ministry of theological education! We have a 12,000 volume library that needs exceptional skills of someone passionate about developing this awesome resource. [...]

MK / International School Faculty & Staff

Serve with ICSV, an international school with a US-based curriculum. It is truly an international community made up of students from 50 different nations of the world. The academic program has been accredited by both the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. The International Christian School [...]

Student Teaching Overseas

Gain practical job experience and fulfill your degree requirements by completing your student teaching at an MK/International school. Available in multiple countries. [...]

TEFL/TESOL Internship

Needing to complete a TEFL/TESOL internship for your schooling and/or certificate? Already have a TEFL/TESOL certificate and are looking to get more experience while simultaneously blessing the Japanese church with your God-given talents? Come work with one of our several Japanese churches and/or ministries who are eager to partner together with you! Of the few [...]

MK / International School Faculty & Staff

Teachers are needed at Kathmandu International Study Centre. KISC is an internationally accredited Christian school in Kathmandu, Nepal. At KISC, we are passionate about ISAIAH 61: 1-3, to see lives transformed by the Holy Spirit so that as a community we can bless others. Founded by United Mission to Nepal (UMN) and International Nepal Fellowship [...]

Church Intern

Come serve alongside one of our many WorldVenture planted churches here in Japan. By God's grace most all of our churches are being led by Japanese national pastors and congregants who are pouring themselves out to serve and build up the churches God has called them to. They have vision and passion to reach more [...]

MK / International School Faculty & Staff

Acacia International School. (AIS) is a Christian international school following a North American classical curriculum. Teachers coming from overseas receive a modest salary, the possibility of furnished housing, medical coverage, a potential of reimbursement for airfare, and if you have children that will attend the school, they are eligible for free education as part of [...]

Professor for Bible College, Seminary

ESEPA is an interdenominational evangelical Bible college and seminary, a partner school of Overseas Council International and affiliated with AETAL. ESEPA was founded in 1983 in response to the need for training evangelical Protestant ministers in Costa Rica; today its training extends to Christian educators, teachers and transcultural workers. The faculty consists of missionaries and [...]

Outreach and English Camp Intern

Note: This opportunity is available beginning June 2025. This summer ministry gives the intern the chance to experience a variety of ministry opportunities in Austria. You will have the chance to learn and practice relational evangelism skills connecting with other students in a basic German class, experience firsthand the spiritual and ministry needs in Austria [...]

English Teacher

Teach English is a means to build redemptive relationships with unreached urban people in Myanmar. [...]

TESOL (EFL/ESL) Teacher/Intern

Restoration Ministries exists to transform underprivileged children and their communities through the good news of Jesus Christ, equipping them to serve. We have a great need for native English speakers to teach and practice English with students in our English School. We offer free classes to kids in the slums and additionally have started a [...]

English Teacher for Seminary

English was declared a national language of Madagascar in 2007. However the majority of the Malagasy people don’t speak or understand English despite the great desire and need.CEFOI, a Seminary that WorldVenture has worked with in the past, desires an English teacher for their students, as well as their professors and staff members. English is [...]

English Language Teachers

Teach English as a second language to Polish teens and adults and develop relationships that will lead to opportunities to share the Gospel. Join a team in which the language school is an outreach of the local evangelical church. [...]

MK / International School Faculty & Staff

Join the faculty and staff of ICS in changing lives by educating students and reaching out to the community. [...]

English Teacher / Evangelism

Work on a team of nationals and foreigners to reach the countrys Unreached People Groups (UPGs), teaching English as a platform. [...]

English Language Teacher (ESL)

Serve within New Creation Ministries' ESL program as a teacher, providing Rwandese Christian leaderss the invaluable opportunity to improve their capacity to lead the church in Rwanda as well as to prepare themselves for theological study. [...]

Bible College Teacher / Discipler

Rwanda is at a historically critical moment. Being internationally recognized as the leading example of post-war development, ministries in Rwanda have a unique opportunity to prepare for the church in Rwanda leadership that will speak with a Christian voice toward the future of the church and the country. New Creation Ministries (NCM) has an incredible [...]

MK Teacher for Missionary Family

Experience cross cultural living in West Africa while teaching the children of a missionary family in southern Mali. [...]

Elementary School Administrator / Teacher

Start a new school. Establish a low student / teacher ratio elementary school for initial entry multicultural students focusing on teaching in French. [...]

MK / International School Faculty & Staff

Join the Faith Academy staff as they endeavor to provide each of their students with a dynamic, relevant education. [...]

Seminary Teacher

Professors are needed at several seminaries, in various parts of the Philippines, such as International Graduate School of Leadership and Asian Theological Seminary in Manila, Asian Theological Seminary’s branch in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, and its Pastoral Advancement Program based out of Bacolod, and Koinonia Theological Seminary in Davao City, Mindanao. The Philippines has many [...]

Seminary Professor - Multiple Locations

Significantly impact young Christian workers and help strengthen the next generation of Indonesian leaders. [...]

Missions Professor

In northern Ivory Coast less than 1% of the people are believers. Join WorldVenture and the national church in reaching out to the population and by training key nationals in missions and evangelism. They hope to create a university and you could teach there also. [...]

English Professor

Reach out to the people of Ivory Coast where less than 1% of the people are believers. Train key nationals in English and assist their dream to create a Christian university. [...]

MK / International School Faculty & Staff

At Grace International School help provide an integrated education from a Christian worldview so that students can face the challenges of today's world. [...]

MK / International School Faculty & Staff

The Evangelical Christian Acadamy (ECA) near Madrid, Spain is in need of teachers for both missionary and Spanish families.We serve a vital area of need for mission families in the field. Parent quote, "If ECA was not here in Spain, we could not stay in the field!" Teaching and guided future Christian workers and investing [...]

MK / International School Faculty & Staff

Teach at Dakar Academy, a college preparatory, K-12 missionary boarding and day school. The central campus is in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. With about 500 students, Dakar Academy is accredited by both Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the Association of Christian Schools International and is the only accredited boarding program in [...]

MK / International School Faculty & Staff

Join Morrison Academy in educating students & encouraging them to dynamically impact their world as Christians. [...]

MK / International School Faculty & Staff

Join PACA to develop young people, through quality education, based on Biblical truth, who will impact their world for Christ. [...]

Theological Educator / Bible Teacher

Teach Theology or related courses. Help develop national church leaders through teaching as well as sharing your life with students. [...]

MK / International School Faculty & Staff

Teach at CISP, who serves grades 1 through 12 with a distinctively Christian approach to education. [...]

Cross-Cultural Ministry Internship

Gain valuable experience working with children of families in Diaspora, (living outside their traditional homeland) in a local community center context. [...]

Summer ESL Workers

To assist in the ministry of Japanese CB churches in teaching conversational English. [...]

MK / International School Faculty & Staff

ICSB was founded by Christian missionaries in 1994 and is staffed primarily by those committed to the Great Commission and called specifically to the mission of the International Christian School of Budapest (ICSB): to serve families by providing their children with an excellent, biblically-based, college-preparatory education, in an environment that encourages them to become wholehearted [...]

ESL Teacher

The majority of the nursing staff at SCH are young women with a basic 10th grade education who are trained on site to be nurse aides. Some would like to continue their education and become midwives. However, the interview for midwifery school requires an English exam and the girls are having difficulty passing the exam. [...]

Engineering Lecturer

Develop relationships with Mongolians and reach out to them through teaching Engineering courses. [...]

English Teacher

Use your experience teaching English to reach out to Mongolians. [...]

Professor of Counseling

Teaching masters-level counseling to Christian leaders from 20 countries at Singapore Bible College. [...]

MK / International School Faculty & Staff

Join Black Forest Academy in providing a quality, Christian education focusing on biblical thought, character and action. [...]

University Professor (any subject)

We desire that the people of Uganda become well-educated and contributing citizens of integrity, godly family members, and globally-focused church leaders, in order to impact all sectors of society and the world for the glory of God. This will be realized through academic, vocational, and spiritual training of excellence. Your role could be through teaching [...]

MK / International School Faculty & Staff

Teachers needed to teach at a Christian school for the foreign community living in the only major city in one of the provinces in western China. There are approximately 95 students from pre-K through grade 12. [...]

ESL Teacher

Provide regional pastors/Bible students opportunities to learn English in order to increase their opportunities to minister in public schools as well as to the educated. [...]

University Teachers

Teach at a university that is committed to providing quality education and creating an environment supportive of ministry. [...]

Computer Programmer Trainer

Use your computer/programmer skills to train & improve the hospital's computer use to contribute to medical & spiritual care. [...]

Old Testament, Pastoral Training, Christian Education, Missions/Missiology

ESEPA BIBLE COLLEGE AND SEMINARY is seeking missionary professors to teach full-time in San Jos_, Costa Rica. ESEPA is an evangelical, non-denominational organization with programs on the bachelor, master and diploma level. It has been prominent in preparing leaders throughout Spanish-speaking America (see [...]