Bible College / Seminary Student

There are some Bible schools and seminaries available in the Philippines to expatriates who desire to be part-time or full-time students to prepare for overseas missionary service. This will be combined with part-time missions and ministry exposure, with the ministry experience developed on a case-to-case basis dependent on one’s gifting, passion, and focus. In most cases it will include working in a local church. This is best served for those who are pursuing becoming a missionary but still 1) need to meet some educational/theological requirements, 2) desire missionary exposure and experience while getting their education, and 3) aspire to not have a huge educational debt upon the completion of their studies. All teaching is done in English.

At least 18 years old; pass the individual Bible school or seminary entrance requirements; have the financial capability to pay the school tuition; a humble, servant’s attitude, willing to be supervised by a missionary or Filipino overseer; team player
Be a full-time or part-time student in an authorized Bible school or seminary approved by the on-field leadership. Minister part-time in a church or other venue based on one’s focus, interest, and gifting. The missions and ministry focus will be on a case-to-case basis.
Most likely living in an urban setting with many malls, modern conveniences, and adequate medical facilities. Third-world cities are known for their traffic, pollution, and urban poor mixed in with the wealthy. Climate is hot and humid.
If in Bible college, it is possible one could live in a dormitory situation or other living conditions nearby, with most of the other students being Filipino. If in seminary, very likely there will be many international students who have come to the Philippines for their education and will be returning to their homeland upon completion. Ability to relate and get along with many nationalities will be important.
Philippines, Asia