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English Teacher and Conversation Partner

The chance to practice speaking English with a “native speaker” is still a draw to people in Poland. Through this avenue, you will have many opportunities to build relationships that often lead to open doors for evangelism. Classes are generally small to facilitate conversation, and many people choose to meet one-on-one. Whether you have a teaching certificate or just like to talk, you will be in big demand here.

A TESOL certificate (Teaching English as a Second Official Language) is recommended, but not required. Interns must be believers who can articulate their faith; independent, self-motivated, flexible, and open to new situations. Helps to be on the extroverted side, but it’s more important that someone is willing to eagerly engage others in conversation and focus on relationships. Knowledge of the Polish language is not necessary. Timeframe: 3 months to 1 year
The intern will be responsible for preparing materials for English lessons or topics for conversation, though the field can help provide ideas and some curriculum. Typically interns will have around 10 students, whom they meet with individually for 1 hour at a time. Through regular time meeting with these students, interns build relationships and plant gospel seeds! We envision multiple 10-week courses, meeting with students 1-2 times per week according to demand and ability level. These classes would be an extension of the local church and would serve as an outreach to the community. Interns will also have the opportunity to participate in the life of the church and serve as there is need (i.e. helping lead the youth group, etc.)
Just like America, only different! Interns generally are hosted in the WorldVenture workers' home. Interns will have their own bedroom, and live in community in the house. Interns typically manage their own breakfast and late dinner but can expect to eat lunch (main meal) as a household.
Work at the English language center, which is attached to the small local church that partners with the center. The church/center is within walking distance of where interns will be housed. Mornings are generally free, and then interns serve at the English center during the open hours from approx. 3-8 pm (this helps accommodate individuals who come for lessons after-school and after-work). Most students are teens and adults who have an intermediate level of English.
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