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Surgeon or Physician with Surgical Skills

There’s a lack of quality medical care in Madagascar. The Sarobidy Maternity Center is addressing the lack of maternal and newborn care in the city of Mahajanga. As complications arise during labor and delivery, a c-section is required. Pioneer the establishment and operations of an operating room at the Sarobidy Maternity Center. Ideally this individual will also work directly with a family practice clinic.

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General Surgeon or Family practice physician with surgical training and minimum 2 years experience after residency. Self-starter, pioneer in spirit, flexibility, dependability, healthy communication and self-reflection skills and be a team player. Vision trip is required. Must know French prior to arrival in country. Learn Malagasy once in country. Minimum commitment of 4 years. Vision Trip required.
Develop all aspects of an operating room at the Sarobidy Maternity Center.
The Sarobidy Maternity Center is located in the large city of Mahajanga on the northwest coast of Madagascar. This modern city lines the beautiful Mozambique Channel and offers several grocery stores, hotels and pools, a French school (preschool through 9th grade) and various outdoor activities. Living arrangements will be in a modern house with running water, electricity, internet, etc. The landscape of this island nation is as varied and beautiful as its people and culture.
Work alongside a team of dedicated Malagasy and foreign midwives with a similar vision to see women, their babies and their families supported and protected during a precious yet often scary time in their lives. The Sarobidy Maternity Center is a full-scope free-standing maternity center with 9 beds, 2 maternal waiting rooms, a small laboratory and pharmacy as well as an education classroom. This is a complete start-from-the-ground up operating room. Experienced missionaries are available to help in a supportive role with many aspects of this endeavor. Ideally this physician will also work with the family practice clinic.
Madagascar, Africa