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6402-907-Pastoral Training School

Most pastors in Rwanda have little or no Biblical education. As a result, many teach salvation by works (especially tithing) and the prosperity gospel. Churches commonly rely on prophecy as their primary means of “hearing from God.” A lack of Biblically literate, spiritually transformed leaders means that Rwandan churches are full of non-believers and immature, undiscipled Christians.

The Pastoral Training School provides high quality education with the goal of transforming hearts, patterns of thinking, and ways of life. We help pastors gain an understanding of Scripture and how to apply it in life and ministry. PTS is a three-year modular discipleship program containing classroom teaching, real-life application assignments and follow up visits to the students’ homes and churches.

It takes just over $1,800 per year to train a student in PTS. Most of our pastors come from poor, rural areas and are only able to contribute about $80 per year. Donors have an opportunity to cover the remaining amount and to receive regular updates from their sponsored pastor. The cost to fully sponsor a pastor is $150/month. Partial scholarships are also welcome, based on your ability.

Thank you for being part of what God is doing in Rwanda!