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6403-927-Mission Inter Senegal

This project provides funds for the national missions movement in Senegal. Because the church is still growing, outreach and missions in Senegal depend on outside help.

Funds help Mission Inter Senegal with administrative costs, and support and training of national missionaries. Donations may also be used for retreats for missionaries and special evangelistic outreaches. As part of this project, gifts can be specifically directed to fund salaries for literacy teachers in Senegal by noting “earmarked for literacy” on the memo line of checks. The literacy movement is a vital part of the ministry in Senegal and allows people to read the Bible once they are saved.

A three-day retreat for the missionaries costs $800, and for three times a year, totals $2,400 per year. Administrative costs are 10% of any project. One photocopy machine is $4,400. Support for three new missionaries totals $7,200 at $2,400 per year for each missionary.