6403-975-Wolof Bible Translation 2 Basic Urban

Literally millions of people in Senegal grow up in urban areas speaking a form of Wolof different enough from the Wolof of the villages that they have difficulty understanding the “deep Wolof” Bible. This project’s purpose is to support the development of a second translation specifically for those in urban areas who speak this different form of Wolof, providing a clear light to lead them to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus.

The Problem
Mission boards and national Christians reaching out to Wolof speakers in urban areas believe a Bible they understand well is essential for evangelizing these unreached, predominately Muslim people.

Our Strategy
Using research results identifying differences between the Wolof of urban areas and the deeper Wolof of the first translation, we are in the process of producing a second Wolof Bible. In addition to a translation team, there are checkers in several locations around the country who will test the translation to identify potential problem areas. There will be a final check of each book with an outside linguistic consultant and several Senegalese where the translation will be examined for Biblical soundness, linguistic accuracy and comprehensibility. Finally, we plan to produce printed Bible books as well as audio recordings of the translated materials.

Needed for Success
Our current budget is for $2450/month, which includes sufficient funding for the compensation of translation team members and those involved in checking, as well as needed supplies. Additionally, we have included enough so that we can prepare for future publication costs.