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6410-910-Le Mee Sur Seine Worship Center

Le Mee Church in the Seine et Marne region in France is rapidly growing. People are turning to the Lord at an astonishing rate. The biggest hurdle for the church is the lack of space to hold the new believers. They want to continue to increase the witness and the impact of their church.

The Le Mee sur Seine Worship Center project will help the church to better impact their town and region. They want to move to a larger space, more adequate for the number of people they want to reach.

The overall goal is to raise $936,000 to purchase and renovate a large building.

Some of the key expenses include:

$2.000 for baptistry
$10.000 for the children bible school
$30.000 for the chairs
$15.000 for tables
$40.000 for sound equipment