6419-942-ICF Ethiopian Partners

The EKHC (Word of Life Church) in Ethiopia has recently agreed to send 2 couples to the Sindh province to work as Disciplers and Pastoral Trainers for Marwari Hindu background leaders.

The Sindh province is home to 4 to 5 million Hindus, most of them low caste and very poor. The Marwari Hindus have been one of the most responsive people groups in Pakistan. Over the last 30-40 years, several thousand Marwaris have come to faith in the Sindh province. Follow-up and discipleship, however, has been weak over the years, and though there are scores of small household churches, there is a desperate need for in-depth discipleship and training. They need to be taught and mobilized to reach out not only to their own people, but also to the majority community around them.

The EKHC has already sent 4 missionary couples to Pakistan over the last 8-10 years who have worked or are working with SIM in the Punjab province. They have consistently proven to be passionate for kingdom work, hard working, and quick language learners.

Funds for this special project will be used to facilitate the ministry of 2 Ethiopian families working the Sindh province doing leadership training with leaders from a Hindu Marwari background.