6423-904-Sticks ‘n Stones

Multiplying followers of Jesus, training leaders and establishing new churches are happening in Durumaland (two hours inland from Mombasa Coast). We want to keep the momentum going by assisting them with the “sticks ‘n stones” needed for their new churches.

In poverty (drought) stricken areas such as Durumaland–where the indigenous religion is an animistic and islamic mix–it is especially important for people to have a decent worship place to establish credibility and provide for the spiritual development of the community.

Each pastor trains two “Timothys”–using TEE materials, annual seminars and planned outreaches to areas where there are no local churches. The end result is a new church plant needing a place to meet.

Semi-permanent mud and stick structures can be built on donated land with little expense by the local group. However the thatched roofing material, doors and benches need to be bought with cash which just isn’t available in this poverty-stricken area. Before long, the semi-permanent structures are outgrown, necessitating the building of a larger permanent coral block/cement building on a purchased plot.

Thatched roofing costs $150; two doors, $130; 20 benches, $400. Permanent buildings require coral block/cement and a metal roof totaling $10,000. The plot costs $250.