6423-909-Binding Up the Broken Hearted

This project provides a means of assisting people, from the least evangelized communities, in extenuating financial circumstances.

Our words need to be accompanied with actions especially as we encounter people in extenuating circumstances, such as widows in need of social and legal assistance beyond their means or a jobless head of household who just needs a financial push.

Loving your neighbor as yourself often includes helping the helpless. A one-time gift can alleviate a financial or social crisis and demonstrate Christian love in action.

Small business start-up costs and rehabilitation counseling have also been funded through this project. A secondary aspect of this project is to provide famine relief to the people in our rural churches in light of on-going drought conditions.

During the most pressing times, we have been able to send a three-five ton load of maize out monthly to be divided among 1500 people. In 2012, five tons of maize cost about $1600. Famine relief for one month for 1000 people in nine churches is $900.