6424-902-TTS Scholarship Fund

Tyndale Theological Seminary attracts students from all over the world and especially from Eastern European countries, Africa, and Asia. The students are usually Christian leaders in their respective countries and have plans to be evangelists, pastors, theological educators and missionaries in settings throughout the world. The Body of Christ will definitely grow because of the impact of these students.

They come to acquire either an accredited Master of Divinity or Master of Evangelical Theology degree. These students often cannot attend the school without scholarships. Of the 49 students registered for the fall semester, 20 are on scholarships. Tyndale could not continue providing education to students from these areas of the world without scholarship monies.

One of the greatest desires of Tyndale is to provide needed training for people who would not otherwise be able to access it, so that the kingdom of Christ will go forward.

By offering this project through WorldVenture, we hope not only to raise awareness of the mission to our constituency, but also to the Tyndale family of faculty, staff, and students. And of course, to provide funding for students to be able to get an education at Tyndale Theological Seminary.

A scholarship of $12,000 covers the cost of one student’s tuition, room, and board.