6440-908-Good Sam Syrian Relief

As the weather turns cold, we ask that you demonstrate Christ’s compassion by giving to these refugees, especially the families, and helping them survive this winter. Please prayerfully consider a special gift this Christmas season.

There are more than 12 million Syrians that have fled their homes and 6 million are children that now have no home. And sadly, more than 12,000 precious children have been killed. The children are on the run, many with their parents, refugees fleeing for their lives.

WorldVenture is ministering to Syrian refugee families in places like Macedonia, Albania, Lebanon, Austria, Spain and Jordan. We have been on the front lines helping the hurting and displaced, but now we face what may be the worst killer of all, winter. The cold weather could kill tens of thousands more if we don’t do something right now. People will die. Many little boys and girls who are precious in the sight of God are in dire need of our help.