6462-942-Generator Baptist Hospital

The Baptist Hospital of Ferkessedougou serves by providing quality medical care and by announcing the Gospel to all who visit. It serves a wide population in northern Côte d’Ivoire, which has experienced civil unrest for over ten years. Most recently the country underwent daily power outages that lasted two months. During that time, the hospital had to use its own generators to provide the necessary electricity. The hospital currently has two old generators that are barely adequate and in need of replacement.

One generator is over 30 years old and has a capacity of 25KVA and is able to provide electricity to part of the hospital or the staff houses, but not both. The other has a capacity of 75KVA and was installed at the hospital in 1984. During the recent shortages, the electrician measured it’s output at 90KVA and certain services had to be cut off.

The hospital advances the ministry of WorldVenture through compassion ministry and evangelization. To achieve these goals, reliable electricity is needed for all services to continue.

The hospital has construction and expansion planned in the next few years, and a higher-capacity generator is one of our priorities.

We are seeking a generator with a capacity of 130-150KVA to meet current and future needs.