4000-060-Wu, Tim and Carol

Tim and Carol Wu are doing church planting and development in the central mountains of Taiwan in a town called Puli.

Since 2015, we have been helping a local Taiwan pastor with a young church plant called the Puli Shepherd Church. This church primarily ministers to non-Christian families, many of which have single parents or grandparents as the primary caregivers. These families suffer extra dysfunction from divorce, parental addictions, and generation gaps. The local neighbors though initially unfriendly or even hostile, have grown to value the church’s presence.

Unfortunately, most Taiwanese place their hope in their ancestors, other gods and/or a syncretized Buddhism. Their hope though is really one of fear, fear that their ancestors or other spirits will be displeased with them and send them misfortune. It is difficult to persuade them to give up their religious traditions and follow only Jesus.

We also run a place called Clubhouse, a board game and American snack shop, as another means to impact Puli through friendship evangelism. Clubhouse is a relaxing and fun place for all ages, and gives Puli locals a place to practice English and learn about American culture. A great felt need for Taiwan people is learning English, so we have English classes for all ages, and have Bible study and English worship gatherings open to all.

Tim came to faith as a young child in his first home church, Chinese Christian Union Church, in Chicago. His relationship with God developed as he grew up in this church family. Tim first felt God’s call to overseas ministry while reading a missions pamphlet in high school. During and after college, he traveled to Hong Kong and East Asia with several short-term mission teams. In preparation for a life in missions, he studied at a Bible institute and seminary.

Carol made a profession of faith after college. It was after a missionary couple described their 30-year experience in Papua New Guinea that Carol responded to God’s call on her life to the mission field. While working with a Christian humanitarian organization, the opportunities she had to minister to people cross-culturally affirmed her desire to serve God in other parts of the world. Carol also participated in an art mission trip by assisting a local church in East Asia to visually portray the gospel through a mural painting. It was through these experiences that she decided to attend seminary in preparation for the mission field.

Taiwan, Asia