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4000-148-Davis, Mel and Patty

Ministering through publishing, music and church development in Slovenia. The Davises serve Slovenia’s two million people, of whom 70 percent are nominal Roman Catholic, less than two percent are Protestant and evangelicals account for only 0.18 percent.

Challenges: Rapid social and economic change have only intensified the breakdown of family structures. Slovenia has high rates of depression and suicide. The track record of the church has been anything but strong. The few evangelical churches that exist have been marred by conflict and division.

Pray that print communication and small group discipleship might significantly contribute to the spiritual growth of the Slovene church!

About us:
Communism to capitalism, East Bloc to EU–change has dramatically marked Slovenia’s social fabric since 1991, the year Mel and Patty Davis entered this former Yugoslav republic. The lack of Christian literature in the Slovene language was immediately apparent. With this in mind, Mel and Patty have focused their energies on providing foundational materials for evangelism and church development, including Slovenia’s first hymnal (the Celebration Hymnal, Word/Integrity Music), the NIV Study Notes to the NT, and other works. Along with two other couples, they have established the non-profit organization, Vrelec (Wellspring). The purpose of Vrelec is to equip believers by providing practical tools for evangelism and discipleship, and to minister to seekers through the written and spoken word.

Mel and Patty also assist young church fellowships and church plants in the areas of teaching, counseling and leadership training.

The Davises have three grown children. Jacqueline is married to John Warren and they serve with the Native American Bible Academy in Oklahoma. Janessa is married to Justin Fisk and both work for Moody Bible Institute. Brennen recently graduated from Lee University in Cleveland, TN with a degree in History-Education.

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