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4000-169-Jeff and Kim

Our family began serving in Nepal in 2015. In combination with World Venture as our sending agency, International Nepal Fellowship (INF) was our in country partnering organization. Within a month of arrival in Nepal, a time of considerable political unrest occurred. Unexpected to everyone, this instability forced all foreign workers within INF to leave the country before the year was out. We returned to the US in 2016, and from that time on, we have been fervently praying for a way to return. God has grown our faith hugely through this time of waiting and has now opened doors for us to re-enter. Although we are in the fields of medicine (human and veterinary), we see our identity first and foremost as Christians and want to utilize our lives purposefully to spread the Light and Life of Christ.

Would you join with us in this journey of growing in faith and sharing that joy with others? – “LORD, Love through us as we work together for the spread of Your Gospel!”


Why Nepal?
At the beginning of this journey, Nepal was as far from our radar as could be! The easiest and shortest way to answer this question is this… It was a God Thing! We feel like the people, culture, and environment suits our family well. We think of it as our “second home”!

What are some of the deepest needs?
Nepal is a tiny agriculturally based country sandwiched in-between China and India in the Himalayan mountains. Although only 2/3 the size of Washington State, it has over 29 million people who struggle against poverty, poor infrastructure, and the harsh mountainous terrain. These things create very real physical hardship for the people, but beyond that, the deep cultural roots within Hinduism, aspects of Buddhism, and Caste ordered society create a deep social bondage as well.

How do we see ourselves ministering within these sets of needs?
In rural Hindu society, women and girls are traditionally oppressed and devalued as meaningful members of their community. As an agricultural-based area, Kim feels led to utilize animal husbandry to aid in the process of building a wholistic relationship with these women as she begins working together with them over many topics related to women’s roles as caretakers, wives, mothers, and children of God! Our time together will be sprinkled with who God is and why they are loved and pursued by Him! Each group and each interaction will be unique to the needs of those involved and will develop out of relationship and trust. A whole host of topics and modalities are possible with this type of relational ministry. Some examples range from women’s cycle of life needs, parenting, healthy marriage, family relationship, small business development, animal husbandry, nutrition, basics of human health, and last but definitely not least, personal worth that will help prevent the high rates of depression, suicide, and trafficking which is very common in this country.

Medical Ambassadors International ( Kim is training with Medical Ambassadors International (MAI) to prepare for community-based women’s ministry. Beyond the training, this course work provides a wealth of networking and collaboration with others which will help open the doors to seeing this ministry blossom. The core approach for this community-based ministry will be through Community Health Evangelism (CHE). To learn more about this outreach strategy, please read through this link from MAI.

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