4000-358-Ruffner, Murray and Kayce

Kayce and Murray Serve in Thailand. Thailand is 85% – 95% Buddhist and most communities have never heard the gospel. Their purpose and pursuit is to make the gospel known in these places. Kayce is a Certified Occupational Therapist at Grace International School. She works with students who have learning delays, physical disabilities, and some who have experienced trauma. Some of the students are children of other missionaries, who if they did not have these services, would not be able to effectively remain on the field. Murray is partnered with a ministry called Within Reach Global. Within Reach Global is focused on sharing the gospel in places that have never heard before. They partner with the local church to encourage pastors and lay leaders to share their faith and create sustainable programs that have lasting impacts on the communities of villages that have not heard the gospel before. These partnerships and programs allow for a dialogue about Jesus and the gospel.

Thailand, Asia