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4000-473-Monahan, Tim and Marcia

WorldVenture has asked Tim & Marcia Monahan to take on a new ministry that will incorporate their education, their God-given skills, and their many years of leadership training in Italy. In an effort to greatly increase the longevity and effectiveness of our overseas workers, WorldVenture is now partnering with NYC International Project, which is a cutting edge program that prepares missionaries to minister among the unreached people groups of the world by actually having them start a church among one of New York’s 60 people groups who have no Gospel witness. This one-year intensive training is clearly way ahead of anything WorldVenture has ever been involved in before. In my discussions with NYC International Project Director, Kevin King, he asked if WorldVenture had a veteran missionary with an excellent track record in leadership development who would be open to teaching in this powerful program so that they could expand the number of missionaries allowed to participate. Immediately the Lord brought Tim and Marcia to mind. They have all the unique qualifications necessary for this vital ministry. The fact that Tim grew up in the shadows of New York City is an added bonus since he knows the very neighborhoods these young missionaries are going to live and work in for the year. This is a very strategic opportunity, one that we hope the Monahans and all of their partner churches will want to pursue together.

For 31 years, the Monahans have ministered to Neapolitans from the Naples region in their church planting work, and to Italians from all over Italy in leadership training. Generally, the leaders they train are pastors, elders and deacons of local churches; however, missionaries from other agencies sometimes take the training. As of June 21, 2016, the Monahans will be involved in training young missionaries and ministering to people from some of the 60 unreached people groups in New York City.

Pray for the humility of our leaders and the growth of our believers. Pray that we reach our mission of developing mature and united disciples to reach the Naples area and the world for Christ.

United States, Americas