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4000-656-Scheer, Gary and Laurie

Serving with WorldVenture in Rwanda.

Gary and Laurie Scheer committed their lives to Christ while students at the University of Denver. This changed the direction of their lives from a career in the business world to Denver Seminary and missions. God gave them a desire to live and work in parts of the world where the people are in desperate need of the Word of God.

Gary’s spiritual gift is teaching. God has augmented that with a knack for Kinyarwanda, the heart language of the Rwandese. He has a burden for spiritual change and is not satisfied with someone merely passing a course. Through NCM, these gifts provide in-depth discipleship for Rwandan church leaders that is relevant to their culture and changes their lives and churches.

Laurie supports the ministry of NCM by teaching the pastors English and handling administrative details to free Gary up for teaching. She is also a mentor and encourager to the women on the WorldVenture team in Rwanda.

Gary and Laurie have three children (all three of whom are married) and six grandchildren, who all live in the United States. All are believers in Christ, which is a great joy and comfort to Gary and Laurie.

Pray that through NCM the lives of leaders would be transformed, and through them churches, and through them the Rwandan society!

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