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4000-660-Sellers, Keith and Beverly

We work to see new and older believers transformed by the power of Christ in faithful and loving churches. We aim to be a catalyst for evangelism and growth in Gospel-centered churches. We have a passion for communicating the Gospel to the lost and to churches. Local churches can only experience true, lasting growth when they focus on the Gospel which transforms both the unbeliever and the believer!

In August 2000 we first arrived in Hungary with our three young children. Our first 15 years of ministry there have been an adventure in various types of ministry to help Christians evangelize and grow both new and struggling churches. Also we have invested much energy into the younger generation in whom we believe lies the future of a robust Christian faith in post-Christian Europe.

We’ve seen God work in many different ways– through VBS styled English camps, English classes for young and old, sports ministry, teaching youth in churches and schools, evangelizing on the street and in personal friendships, and just preaching and teaching in various churches. Now that we are empty-nesters and have many rich experiences we see many potential ministry opportunities.

Pray for the nation as people are slow to give away their trust to religious and political mantras because they are gravely disappointed in the leaders of politics, economics, and religion. Many are distracted either by the pursuit of pleasure and wealth or by the daily grind of just trying to survive.

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