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4000-687-Spain, Karen

MK Care and Education Specialist

Karen grew up in Montana in a good home, but without knowing Jesus. Her family did not know the Lord until she was 16 years old. Her older sister came to know the Lord first, and faithfully shared and zealously prayed for her family. In 6-months-time, Karen’s 2 sisters, brother, mother, father and herself came to know the Lord as their personal Lord and Savior. What a difference having a personal relationship with Jesus has made in her family.

On a short-term mission trip while attending Bible College, the Lord placed a concern for Missionary Kids (MKs) on her heart that turned into her missionary call.

Karen was appointed by WorldVenture in July of 1987 to serve at Faith Academy in the Philippines. During her tenure there, her various roles were that of first grade teacher, third grade teacher, home school coordinator, elementary counselor and she served 5 years as the Elementary Principal. In these roles she also assisted missionary parents throughout Southeast Asia in understanding and selecting the best educational options for their children.

In her role as the MK Care and Education Specialist, Karen is working with families by supporting and assisting them when MK issues and needs arise, and by developing and maintaining resources for the educational and emotional needs of our MKs. In addition is participating in biblically integrated cross-cultural training and debriefing for MKs as well as educating and leading in adult training events and conferences.

At Faith Academy she served on the Child Safety Team for over 10 years and will be serving as the Child Safety Officer for WorldVenture. This is not one of her favorite parts of her job but believes in the importance of the protection and safety of our children so is willing to serve in this way.

When Karen is not participating in various trainings or meetings, Karen is making her home in Billings, Montana and you can contact her at 406-861-2438 or email her at

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