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FH Madrid

Leganés has a population of 185,000 with about 7,000 being from North Africa. They are mainly from the Rifi Berber, Magreb Arab and Jebala Arab people groups. Isolation and non-integration are quite common among these people groups living in Leganés. The Leganés Community Center is an outreach effort focused on North African immigrants who live and/or work in the Madrid suburb of Leganés. The activities of the community center will include teaching Spanish as a second language, occupational counseling, crafts and cooking classes, ESL, seminars on topics of interest, etc. This project is working in tandem with a local church plant and both will be in the same neighborhood to maximize outreach effectiveness. Funds for this project will help with costs such as rent, utilities and supplies.

We strive to establish holistic redemptive relationships through community involvement with the diaspora of unreached peoples in Spain.

FH is all about making disciples in community. We strive to reach the diaspora of unreached peoples in Spain through community involvement, by engaging the Spanish church and by empowering North African Christian leaders in ministry outreach.

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