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Open Assignment, Long-Term, Career Ministry


Career Ministry

Open Assignment is the category for most WorldVenture missionaries. These are the global workers who are committed for the long-haul to see the gospel proclaimed among the people to which they’ve been called. Initial time on the field is usually spent learning language and culture, while determining the best initial steps into ministry. Home Assignments occur between terms for the health of the missionary, as well as their relationships with support networks in the United States. Individuals, couples, families, and teams can all serve as career missionaries. Yes, even pre-formed teams may be sent from a church to do long-term ministry together.


We can point to eight areas influencing a society.

We’ve identified eight societal inroads for influence: the arts, media, education, church outreach, family and medicine, science and agriculture, business, and government. From this framework, we strategize how to engage these areas with Christ’s love. It requires the widest range of skills and talents from our missionaries.

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Benefits of Going with Us

Donor Services

WorldVenture handles all of the giving transactions with your donors and provides you with reports so you can track your relationships effectively.

Counseling and Crisis Intervention

Dealing with tough situations is a normal part of life on the field. WorldVenture provides support when and where this is needed.

Continuing Education

Your professional development benefits everyone. WorldVenture missionaries are encouraged to pursue graduate programs, professional seminars and conferences to prepare for challenges on the field.

Your Children

We offer the very best resources, including our own child and education consultant, to help you and your kids make the adjustment to missionary life and its challenges. Not all solutions work for every kid and you know your child best. In seeking the best solutions we walk with you, bringing our expertise to help you weigh all the options.

Emotional Wellness

To help with the transitions between field and home assignment, we offer an emotional wellness checkup in addition to physical checkups. Re-entry into life in the States is the perfect time to assess the growth points in your life and ministry. We allocate time to help you gain perspective on your past term of service with a view toward future plans.

Leadership Development

WorldVenture provides opportunities for leadership experience and development within the organization and education to encourage better leadership within your context of ministry.

Retirement Plan

WorldVenture offers long-term missionaries a retirement savings account with a partner institution. The amount contributed to your account is included in your support package and is transferable to another organization should you choose to leave WorldVenture. We also provide referral to an investment advisor for answers to your retirement planning questions.

Medical Insurance for Long-term Missionaries

WorldVenture has a medical plan that provides worldwide coverage for missionaries. It includes doctor visits, hospitalization, and major medical along with optical, dental and medical evacuation.

Life Insurance

All missionaries are covered by a standard amount for both husband and wife. A supplemental option is also available through our life insurance company.

Tax Preparation Service

As a service to all long-term missionaries, WorldVenture contracts with a tax preparer to handle your federal tax returns. There is a small charge for state returns if necessary. This service is provided by knowledgeable professionals who understand the implications of living overseas.

Missionary Account Planning Services

WorldVenture will work closely with you to develop your financial support package and ensure adequate funding in all areas you deem necessary. We work with the field and global cost of living services combined with the unique needs of your ministry vision to create a plan that will sustain you and allow you to thrive in your vision.

Communications Services

WorldVenture has dedicated staff whose primary goal is to serve your partner development and on-field needs. This includes a full-time Missionary Project Coordinator dedicated to fulfilling your communication needs, a publicity package for appointees (including a personal ministry profile, business cards, prayer letter assistance, prayer cards, personal web page, personalized support commitment brochure) and ongoing communication and marketing support services.

Partner Development Assistance

WorldVenture provides every appointee with the training needed to be effective in raising funds for their monthly needs and outgoing expenses, as well as the prayer support that is so essential to your ministry. Our training process is designed to help you find partners quickly and efficiently. We do not raise funds for you, but you can count on our support to help you in the process.

Missionary Care

A commitment to cross cultural ministry calls for growing in Christ, developing your God-given gifts, acquiring additional ministry skills, and sharpening your interpersonal skills for collaborative relationships. When things get rough on the field, WorldVenture is there with both formal and informal efforts to strengthen members for effective service. When you need extra help, we offer contingency planning and ongoing care.

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