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Board of Directors

WorldVenture’s Board of Directors come from all parts of the USA, representing our partners and providing guidance and accountability to the mission, vision, and stewardship of WorldVenture. Members of the Board come from a variety of ministry backgrounds: pastors, seminary professors, retired missionaries, and executives from other organizations.

Current members include: Lois Dvorak LCPC, Dr. Roberta King, Rev. Lisa Miller Autry, Rev. Dr. Byron Spradlin, Sobon Chew, R. Yvette Stackhouse Esq., Dr. Jeff Denlinger, Rev. Jamie Engram, Dr. Tom Hayes, Rev. Pat Cottrell, Mr. Zeke Armendariz, Mr. Brian Heerwagen and Chairman of the Board, Rev. Dr. Mark Hanke.

Global Operations (GO) Team

Led by WorldVenture President, Jeff Denlinger, the Global Operations (GO) Team provides leadership and direction to the mission, vision, and global community representing hundreds of global workers serving all over the world. The GO Team leads various teams throughout the entire organization to send and sustain gospel ministry all over the globe.

The GO Team includes Soraya Marin (Chief Operations Officer), Marty Shaw (Global Initiatives), Mark Harris (Partner Ministries), and Sarah West (Office of the President).

Go and make disciples!

WorldVenture has a proven Strategy for reaching the unreached

WorldVenture is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization

Founded by local churches to fulfill the Great Commission

WorldVenture depends on the generous gifts of partners like you