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Go with WorldVenture

Taking the good news to the unreached!

Why should

we go?

Do you want God to use you to reach the unreached? WorldVenture offers three opportunities to Go:

  1. Pathfinders short-term, one year or less
  2. Set Assignments for 1-4 years
  3. Open Assignments, Long-term, Career Ministry

Ways to Go with WorldVenture

Pathfinders (Short-term <1 year)

Pathfinders is a 4 week to 1 year volunteer program focused on growing the kingdom of God, both in the life of the Pathfinder and in the locations where they serve. Pathfinder internships are individualized opportunities that match your gifts and passions with real needs as you come alongside and learn from WorldVenture missionaries. As a Pathfinder you’ll gain experience in cross-cultural ministry and an opportunity to uniquely contribute to the growth of the church.

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Set Assignment (1-4 years)

Set Assignments are 1-4 year ministry opportunities for adults that seek to build the global church. Discover how to be an intentional, globally-focused believer as you come alongside national church and ministry efforts, making an eternal, gospel impact.

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Open Assignment, Long-term, Career Ministry

This the category that most WorldVenture missionaries fall into; those who are committed for the long-haul to see the gospel proclaimed among the people they’ve been called to. Terms are 4 years long, with 1 year home-assigment mandated between each term for the health of the missionary, and their relationships and support networks in the U.S. Individuals, couples, families, and teams can all serve as career missionaries. Yes, even pre-formed teams can be sent from a church to do long-term ministry together.

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Interested in Going with Us?

Go and make disciples!

WorldVenture has a proven Strategy for reaching the unreached

WorldVenture is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization

Founded by local churches to fulfill the Great Commission

WorldVenture depends on the generous gifts of partners like you