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Set Assignment (1-4 years)

Set Assignments

1-4 years

Set Assignments are 1-4 year ministry opportunities for adults that seek to build the global church but may not be ready to make a long-term, career commitment. Discover how to be an intentional, globally-focused believer as you come alongside national church and ministry efforts, making an eternal, gospel impact.

Biblical Community

Living and working with missionaries and locals, together as the body of Christ.

Building Relationships

Investing time and effort into lasting and transformative relationships.

Context-Specific Education

Participating in language and cultural courses, taught throughout the year by WorldVenture missionaries and national leaders.

Direction and Mentoring

Learning from and being led by experienced WorldVenture missionaries who have lived and worked cross-culturally for years.

Freedom to Explore

Exploring diverse ministry opportunities to discover God-given gifts and skills that can be used for the Kingdom.

Incarnational Ministry

Being challenged to see the world with a Kingdom perspective and live out the Gospel in a culturally relevant way.

The Process

Step 1: The Go Form

Filling out the Go form is the first step in letting us know you are interested in serving. It only takes about 5 minutes! A missions coach will then get in touch with you to help figure out if this is a good fit for you, and if you’re ready to apply.

Step 2: Application

Once you and your missions coach have agreed this is a good fit for you, your coach will walk you through the entire process of applying to serve. The application process typically takes about 1 month.

Step 3: Pre-Field Preparation

When your application is cleared and you’re endorsed to serve, you’ll begin support raising and pre-field training. A mission mentor will provide one-on-one support to guide you through the pre-field process, helping equip you for the journey ahead. This all takes about 3 months or so.

Step 4: Pre-Departure Week

You’ll come to Colorado where you’ll meet the staff, see the WorldVenture office, and spend time preparing for the season ahead!

Step 5: Departure to the Field

Once you have completed pre-field training and finished raising support, you’ll be on your way!

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