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Global Problem | Gospel Solution

According to Lifeway Research’s report on concerning trends in global Christianity, 81.7% of people who don’t know Jesus also don’t know even one Christian. That’s shocking! But God has given us a biblical solution – pray for and support the workers that the Lord of the Harvest is raising up and sending out into His harvest field (Matthew 9:38).

Eight Decades of Gospel Impact

For 81 years, WorldVenture has been at the forefront of raising up and sending out workers by helping churches send out the best and brightest followers of Jesus who are called to make disciples of all nations. By God’s design, we cannot do it without your help and we invite you to partner directly with WorldVenture’s Global Mission Fund to send and sustain the next generation of missionaries.


Why The Bannons Gave, Too

Debbie and Michael Bannon are retired WorldVenture missionaries who served for more than 40 years. As part of their retirement, they donated a significant sum of funds to ensure WorldVenture continues the mission of engaging the world for gospel impact. And they aren’t the only retired missionaries who have done that! Learn more about them, why they made such a sacrifice, and why you should join them in doing the same.

Fill WorldVenture’s Cup

And we’ll send you another one!

In celebration of 81 years of faithfully sending and sustaining missionaries who took the good news of Jesus throughout the world, we made a special, limited-edition mug that we’d like to share with financial partners who directly contribute to WorldVenture’s Global Mission Fund. This fund supports every global worker, staff member, ministry project, and short-term opportunity with WorldVenture in some way.

There is still time for you to make a contribution or commitment and be a part of the team! Any partners making a one-time gift of $81 or more to the Global Mission Fund, or any monthly commitment of $18 or more to the Global Mission Fund, should receive this meaningful reminder of our shared commitment to making a global gospel impact! Haven’t made your contribution yet? There’s still time to do it today!