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Our Beliefs

WorldVenture was founded by local churches to help them fulfill the Great Commission.

It began

with prayer

in 1943!

As some churches turned toward theological “liberalism,” questioning the essential beliefs of Christianity, others sought to “conserve” the truth of the Bible.

These “conservatives” were not comfortable in churches that questioned the authority of Scripture or the deity of Christ. They questioned the propriety of sending missionaries through agencies that did not share such basic Christian beliefs. These conservatives established churches, schools, publishing companies, and missionary organizations, which are still thriving today. They are still proclaiming the truth of the Scriptures and the self-sacrificing love of God.

It was in this historical context, wrestling with these questions of faith, that those 50 concerned Christian leaders met that May afternoon in 1943 to discuss their options, and to pray.

There, on their knees in prayer, they took a step of faith. The Conservative Baptist Foreign Mission Society was born, incorporated seven months later, to assist churches in sending, funding, and caring for missionaries. In time, the organization came to be known as CBInternational, and now, WorldVenture.

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