Basketball Coach

Note: This opportunity is available for the summer of 2020.

Would you like to meet people at the level of their passion for basketball and help communicate the passion Jesus Christ has for them? Join the coaching staff for a youth basketball clinic for ages 8-17 and the administrative staff for a summer basketball league for players ages 18-25. Length of service is 2 weeks to 1 month.

Single male with college, high school or junior high coaching experience. Live with a host family or in a studio apartment. This opportunity is available for the month of July.
Coach fundamental skills during the basketball camp to groups of 6-8 athletes. You can also share your testimony of how you became a Christian. Be a court monitor during summer league games. Strategically, you'll be building relationships with players, parents and local coaches. Long-term relationships with some via e-mail & skype has the potential to multiply followers of Christ. For those who come from underpriviledged situation, your demonstration of compassion while teaching them about skills and character leaves a valuable and lasting witness for Christ.
French would be helpful
Host family or a studio apartment.
We have office space on a commercial street and access to a 3-court gymnasium in downtown Brussels. We now have a full year of dynamic programs ranging from the week-long vacation camps and 2 weeks (6 nights) of summer league in July to a season-long weekly shooting clinic and a US college scholarship trip for elite players to study in the US. Just a word about
Belgium, Europe MENA


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