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Ministry to Professionals / Government Officials

Ministry to Professionals and Government officials was identified as a need by both missionaries and Uganda church leaders. Your opportunity is to come join UgandaVenture and especially focus on winning and discipling professionals and/or Government Officials through mentoring, discipleship, using a variety of contextualized training venues and methodologies.

Male. BA or higher in Bible or related field. Thirty hours of Bible training minimum on long-term stays. Professional or Government working experience very helpful. Compassion, coaching ability, team work. Willing to have very broad impact by training others. Self-starter. Humble Would need to know how to prepare food from scratch.
Sequentially: Learn language and culture (depending on time commitment). Learn and participate in the UgandaVenture team. Work in collaboration with Ugandan leaders to join God in developing faithful leaders and disciples who are servants and persons of integrity, who handle and apply the Word well, with a passion for the lost as well as the found, who are equipped and have a passion for training others, and who are holistically healthy in personal and family life especially among professionals and/or government officials.
English and tribal (if upcountry)
English and tribal
Uganda generally has a wonderful climate, warm sometimes moist days, cooler nights getting progressively warmer to the north. You would likely be based in Kampala at first but later might be based near one up country cluster of churches or spend considerable time traveling to others. You would likely live in a screened cement block house with a concrete painted floor that many times would have water and electricity. At times challenging internet access. No need for air conditioning. Kampala¬źs traffic challenges most.
WorldVenture in Uganda, UgandaVenture, seeks to strengthen and enlarge the church of Jesus Christ as they minister holistically to children, youth, and adults, to those of minority groups, and to the disenfranchised, in partnership with the Baptist Union of Uganda and other local churches, through formal and informal education in leadership training and through strategic relationships. They do this envisaging creative, vibrant, and reproducing churches composed of mature believers of integrity, equipped through holistic training, who are committed to building strong family units, mentoring others, and impacting the circles in which they move in positive and profound ways.
Uganda, Africa