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University Professor (any subject)

We desire that the people of Uganda become well-educated and contributing citizens of integrity, godly family members, and globally-focused church leaders, in order to impact all sectors of society and the world for the glory of God. This will be realized through academic, vocational, and spiritual training of excellence. Your role could be through teaching at a Ugandan University.

At least a MA in your area of specialty, preferably a PhD. Experience very helpful. Compassion, coaching ability, team work.
Sequentially: Learn language and culture (depending on time commitment). Learn the University scene. Teach in a University in your area of specialty. Deliver Bible training. Develop relevant courses and programs to expand and improve university offerings. Develop and work with a team of other missionaries and committed nationals to deliver spiritual and academic training.
English and Luganda, Swahili helpful
English and Luganda, Swahili helpful
Uganda generally has a wonderful climate, warm sometimes moist days, cooler nights getting progressively warmer to the north. You would likely be based in Kampalas southern side towards the lake and that hospital. You would likely live in a screened cement block house with a concrete painted floor that many times would have water and electricity. At times challenging internet access. No need for air conditioning. Kampalas traffic challenges most.
You would need to connect into the Ugandan mental health networks and would need to be a self-starter. Humble There is only a very limited expatriate involvement. You would also be a part of the larger WorldVenture team seeking to build the church in Uganda through leadership training and compassion ministries. At their October 2009 they and Ugandan church leaders independently and then together identified the Educational/Institutional Sector of Uganda.
Uganda, Africa