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6402-910-New Creation Ministries (NCM)

Since 1992, New Creation Ministries has provided training to Rwandans who are doing ministry in their churches, workplaces and homes. Our aim isn’t just to provide our students with knowledge or skills. We want them to be transformed by what they’re learning – to become true disciples of Jesus. Check out the video to hear one of NCM’s graduates share their testimony!

Graduate Testimony: Pascal

By 2050, our goal is to have an NCM graduate or student in every sector (ie. county) of Rwanda. It’s not about building NCM’s “kingdom.” It’s about seeing every Rwandan have access to a Gospel-centered, discipleship-focused local church. It’s about seeing the Rwandan Church grow to maturity in Christ. Your partnership will make a difference. More people praying, advocating, and giving means more Rwandans hearing the Gospel, being discipled and discipling others. Will you join us?