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6403-961-Women’s Training Program

WorldVenture is endeavoring to equip female believers to serve their families, churches and communities as a follower of Christ through a training course called, Formation Lois. The goal of this project is to teach women in the villages the basics of the Christian faith and give them the tools and the confidence to continue growing in their faith on their own.

Often Senegalese women are left behind in educational opportunities, and specifically in discipleship and Bible knowledge. Through this program WorldVenture is trying to remedy this great lack. It is aimed at the oral learner.

Since women make up the majority of believers world-wide, this is an extremely important aspect of expanding and enriching the church in Senegal. This program is reproduceable in that each time we give a training, we also train a woman from that village with the expectation that she will train others. As a by-product, women we have trained are wanting to share the Gospel in other villages who might not have heard. This project also helps to subsidize transportation (not salary) of these evangelists.

The goal of this project is to provide a way for interested parties to contribute to the training of pastors’ wives and laywomen in the churches of Senegal through the program already established.

Subsidized Oral Bible – $8 / participant
Pay for National teacher (for the formal Formation Lois program) – $20 / session
Photocopies and notebooks – $30 / year
Transportation – $70/session
Prizes and graduation ceremony – $10 / participant

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