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6410-908-The New Church in Torcy, France

This project will permit the growing and dynamic new church plant in Torcy, France, to buy and adapt a 260M2 (2,800 sq. ft.) building that would allow it to continue to grow and expand its ministry in the city. They have outgrown their current facilities and, as a result, their ministry impact is being lessened.

The New Torcy Church is a growing dynamic young church plant. That is the good news! Today, though, our challenge is that we’ve outgrown our worship space. Our 860 sq. ft. is just too small for our congregation of 85. As a result we are forced to hold two church services. Worshiping in two groups breaks down the dynamic of the worship. Creating a bigger space will allow us to worship together and to welcome the unchurched, helping more people to believe in Christ. It will also allow us to create a kitchen and classrooms for our children as well as a space for our youth group. We’ll have a office for pastoral visits and we’ll create a coffee house space to help people connect, which is really difficult to do now.

Our main objective is to purchase a building. Our priorities are having a larger worship room, a great space for children, a youth group, a coffee bar, and an office space. For this we need approx. $100,000 this year (2018).