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6422-917-FH Community Center Madrid

The Community Center is located in a neighborhood of North African immigrants from the Rif Berber people group. The purpose of the Community Center is to serve as a hub for the community-based outreach project that Dan and Eva Anderson have been conducting in the neighborhood since 2009.

In many of the larger cities of Europe there are neighborhoods that are experiencing a significant influx of immigrants and/or refugees from diverse cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. The emergence of these neighborhoods is creating new and unique challenges on many levels but also a great opportunity to promote Christian community and outreach.

Our vision is to involve both the local church and global body of believers in Christ centered outreach in European city neighborhoods that are experiencing a high influx of immigrants and refugees from North Africa and the Middle East.

Our community center hosts many activities and programs including; Spanish and English as a second language, adult literacy, homework assistance for kids and youth, special events and activities for women, a used clothing distribution program, etc. Through these programs we aim to promote cultural integration, personal development, community harmony and open dialoge about spiritual beliefs and religious values.

Rent for the community center is $1,500 monthly. Utilities need $300 monthly, and $200 monthly is also needed for supplies. This amounts to $24,000 yearly.