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6423-920-Bara Bara Boys

We work with street boys on multiple different levels to help them get off the streets and to realize who they are in Christ and how that can affect every area of their lives for the rest of their lives. We do drug and alcohol counseling to help boys stop using and become clean. We have sponsorship programs to help boys get into school and pursue their education. As well as work to help boys that are older find jobs and become employed. We also have flats where we house a number of boys and feed them as well. While we do a lot of things to address their physical needs and their needs for education and employment, the foundation of everything we do with them Is Christ. Discipleship and mentoring are at the heart of the transformation that takes place in the lives of the boys. We partner with a local church as well where all of the boys attend. Bible studies are held throughout the week as well as a soccer program.