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6448-908-Emeritus Funding

The first sessions of the EMERITUS Program (Experienced Missionaries Effectively Repatriating and Integrated in Thoughtful Uplifting Service) were held in January 2012 and were well received. This program was developed under the auspices of the Paraclete Centre.

There are three major goals. The first is to help missionaries understand the processes involved in repatriation; this is said to be the most difficult transition a person ever experiences. The second goal is to encourage and assist repatriating missionaries to continue to work in God’s kingdom. The third goal is to train people to help repatriating missionaries.

In order to accomplish the program’s goals, we need to cover transportation, lodging and food costs to meetings both in Littleton and other parts of the country as well as partial scholarships for those whose funds are insufficient to pay for their participation.

It is of value to the work of God’s kingdom to enable missionaries to continue to minister after repatriating.

There will be expatriates who, having served the Lord for years in another country, are returning because of health issues, family matters, lack of support, etc. Providing partial scholarships and training for them will help them to continue serving God in the U.S.

Partial scholarships for “returnees” to attend EMERITUS sessions in Littleton: $5,000
Training sessions at headquarters: $5,000
Transportation and lodging for those training people in other areas of the U.S.: $5,000

* Transitions in Ministry