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6462-932-Ferke Hospital Fund

Giving to this project is the perfect opportunity to diversify contributions as the money will help many projects associated with the Ferke hospital in Côte d’Ivoire. This project supplements the cost of construction, education and equipment purchases as needed. Money is dispersed based on the urgency of the request.

Essential laboratory equipment and a cash register were bought rapidly one year when those in use could no longer be repaired. This year a new computer and printer had to be purchased rapidly for the pharmacy when it became unreliable.

This “slush” fund allows the hospital to respond to emergency operational needs in a timely fashion.

The funds would be applied by the director, along with the Gestion Committee (COGEST) to meet needs in education, building, repair of buildings or equipment, including vehicles, according to their urgency and priority.

There are often unexpected needs that come up with a medical institution and extra funds are needed to keep the facility operating on a continual basis.