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6484-914-Club Rickshaws/Finish the Task Force

Club Rickshaws International provides all-inclusive visitor vouchers for short term teams and individual visitors to Mozambique Island and Rickshaws Boutique Hotel ministry site. Finish the Task Force The initiative will enable Rickshaws, over the next 10 years, to prayerfully accomplish: The Church: Contextualized expression of the Body of Christ. Construction/Restoration of Real Estate. Leadership Formation. Mozambique Owned business(equity sharing as an earned benefit over time) Mobilization of African leaders into a life of mission. Rickshaws as an incubator for discipleship and business training. Partnership with local university Universidad Lurio. Laugh of the Center for Business Development(equipping, mobilizing, and launching African disciple-making entrepreneurs.

Rickshaws, a boutique hotel and restaurant

Live Tour and Prayer Walk in Mozambique