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6484-915-Beira United Primary School

Beira is a growing trade city in the heart of a developing Mozambique. The church has
matured and aged significantly in the last few years, leaving sober minded Christians with no access to an evangelical educational option. Both the foreign Christian community and the local church feel this need and with proper direction, a non-denominational, city-wide effort can be tasked to train up its children.

Our goal is to back the Mozambican church as it looks to train its children in the Christian leadership path. We will do this by establishing a bilingual Christian school that trains the hearts and minds of young students using music as a buttress to Mozambican core curriculum.

The school will be connected to an African Inland Mission facility. It is at the head of a swamp that must be drained. This will take about 100 people from the community accomplish. The existence of the school and the community are intimately connected

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