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God drew me to himself at a young age. He used my family, my local church, and camping to further my spiritual formation during my growing up years. After attending Biola University, involvement in various ministries and work experiences, it was easy to step through the open door to medical work in Cote d’Ivoire in 1990. Ministry and missions were a step-by-step journey of saying yes to God when opportunities presented themselves. After a civil war in Cote d’Ivoire in 2002, I have been living and loving people in Guinea.

I am building relationships, showing God’s love, and doing health teaching, particularly with students in a large university town. I live among the Maninka, who are a group of people that number about 2 million in northeast Guinea. In addition to the Maninka people, there is a large student population from other ethnic groups in the town where I live.

I have three Christian University students that live with me in my home. We daily eat, share God’s Word & pray together nightly. I love these young women and I am committed to discipling them. We are growing into Christ’s likeness as we live with one another.

It is exciting to teach about 15-20 students nursing students. Weekly the students learn health principles and practices along with participating in investigative Bible studies. I pray their impact professionally and spiritually will reach across Guinea when they finish their studies. An increase in quality medical care is so needed in Guinea.

Along with national partners, I have been facilitating learning opportunities for 20 young women who are apprenticed to a tailor. Weekly we have been teaching hygiene, first aid and moral character lessons. It has been exciting to see these girls, who have had little or no school, learn practical knowledge and skills along with truths from God’s Word.

In my home, I have lots of young people who hang out. Many of them are Maninka and not Jesus followers. We enjoy each other’s company a great deal. I want to be a good model. Pray that I would be a salt and light in a dark region. Pray that God would speak to the people in Guinea through dreams, visions, His Word and the life witness of those following the Jesus road. Pray that Maninka believers, who are are few in number, would stand firm in their faith.

It is rewarding to see how my skill set as a nurse, teacher, and nurturer has been used in many different ways over the last 30 years. God has used so many of my life experiences, both good and hard, to give me the ability to minister to and to love others. I love doing what I do! I am looking forward to the day when families throughout northeastern Guinea and beyond will be part of believing communities of Jesus followers. May churches multiple! It is my passion to see young people and their family’s lives transformed by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Guinea, Africa