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4000-103-Yates, Calista

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My primary role is teaching at an Indonesian Nursing School with 130 students enrolled in a 3-year program. This involves teaching in the classroom and supervising their practicum experiences. I also spend time mentoring and discipling both Indonesian nurses and nursing students in the roles and responsibilities of serving as a Christian nurse. I work with Indonesians from many tribal, cultural and economic backgrounds including believers as well as animist Dayaks, Buddhist Chinese, Islamic Malayu and Javanese, who are seeking education opportunities and compassionate affordable medical care.

Pray for renewed vision at the Nursing School to help our students mature and develop as Christian nurses passionate about serving and sharing the gospel through their profession.
Pray for our Indonesian directors and leaders, that they would walk closely with the Lord and be blessed with wisdom to handle the many difficult decisions they face.

About me:
I was born and raised in a small town in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. It was a great place to spend a childhood, with lots of places to play and for imaginations to grow. I was blessed with strong Christian family and am the oldest of four girls. I committed my life to Christ at age four, struggled with my faith as a young teen but rededicated my life to Christ and was baptized at 16.

I have wanted to be a nurse for forever, or so it seemed as a kid. So I headed off to Seattle Pacific University, where I got my Bachelor’s in Nursing in 2001. There my heart was challenged and my eyes opened to missionary nursing. So after a year of working in Seattle, I ended up halfway around the world ministering at Bethesda Hospital in West Kalimantan (Borneo), Indonesia. For three years I ate a lot of rice, learned a new language and way of life and discovered that the world was bigger than even the imagination of my childhood could dream up.

After returning from Indonesia in 2007, I was challenged by my pastor to take that next step of faith and not only receive Christ but follow Him and live the adventure He had planned for my life. Only by letting the Lord take the lead in my life was I able to understand the joys of walking closely with Him and step out in faith to serve as a missionary.

One of the greatest aspects of nursing for me is the joy I find in helping people. Being a missionary nurse also allows me to share the love of Christ with other nurses and students and to see them go out to bring His healing and Good News to others, as well.

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