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4000-198-Wolf, Jay and Jen

Jay and Jen reach out to missionary kids (MKs), other international students, and their parents through their ministry as boarding home parents of Faith Academy in the Philippines.

Most of the students of Faith Academy are walking in the Lord, while some are questioning the role of God in their lives. The students come from a variety of countries, with Koreans making up the largest nationality represented. Whether their parents work as missionaries or businesspeople, the students have been exposed to international concerns and therefore have a high level of world awareness.

We pray for continual building of relationships, knowing that nothing else in our ministry will matter without strong relationships with students and parents. We also pray for the ministries of the parents, wherever they may be serving. We want to see the students grow in their spiritual walks, especially as they prepare to graduate, and hope that our marriage would be a good influence and witness that will leave lasting impacts on the students’ lives.

About us:
Jay was blessed to grow up in a Christian home with godly parents. Through a conversation with his mom, he started a personal relationship with Jesus at a young age. At the time, he was attending a Christian school and was later involved in a Christian summer camp. As a student at Messiah College, Jay met Jen as well as other missionary kids and international students. He enjoyed hanging out and hearing about these young adults who grew up in another country. Jay’s eyes slowly began to open to missions and mission life.

After marrying in 2002, Jay and Jen got involved with their local church, First Baptist of Doylestown. They joined the Global Ministry Team, where they were surrounded by current and former missionaries and enjoyed hearing their stories and experience.

Jen also grew up in a home where Christ was the center. She was born in the Philippines to missionary parents with WorldVenture. At the age of 4, after talking with her older brother, she asked Jesus for forgiveness and recognized the need for a Savior. Through godly parents and teachers at Faith Academy, her faith was stretched.

In their adult years, Jay and Jen have both been very involved with missions at their church, and God opened their eyes and hearts to His mission around the world and how they can be involved by ministering to MKs.

Jay and Jen feel furthering the Kingdom of God and following his call wherever he takes them is rewarding. They want to give God the glory in their ministry. They enjoy hospitality and serving in a variety of areas and have seen God use those traits as they serve in the role of boarding home parents.

Philippines, Asia