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Equipping and mobilizing Christians across Europe to engage in the fight against sex trafficking

As WorldVenture’s European Liaisons for Anti-Trafficking Initiatives, our ministry has three primary focus areas:

Awareness: Because trafficking occurs in communities across the globe and is hidden in plain sight, building awareness of this issue is critical in faith communities. Spirit-empowered churches armed with a thorough knowledge of the trafficking issue can be powerful deterrents against trafficking in their local communities.

Equipping: Once Christians become aware of the trafficking issue and God nudges them to engage, how can their individual passions, talents, and skills best be used in this fight? Is it prevention? Is it advocacy? Is it volunteering with organizations that work to end the demand for trafficking? Is it mentoring trafficking survivors? Part of our ministry is to help believers discover the possibilities and become equipped to engage.

Connecting: There are many local anti-trafficking organizations across Europe already doing excellent work, but they often have a substantial need for more volunteers. There are many in the church who would like to help but do not know how or where they can engage. We work to build bridges between local churches who are ready to engage in anti-trafficking ministry and these local anti-trafficking organizations.

Our Ministry Vision:
• To see those caught in the web of sex trafficking experience physical, emotional, and spiritual freedom and restoration through Jesus Christ.
• To see believers equipped and engaged in serving the marginalized and exploited within sex trafficking’s reach.

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