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4000-285-Leak, Brian and Melissa

Equipping and mobilizing Christians across Europe to engage in the fight against sex trafficking

There is a vital need for Christians to become aware of the sex trafficking issue and our responsibility to act. Our ministry is: 1) to create this awareness; 2) to equip believers to engage in anti-trafficking ministries; and 3) to connect believers to anti-trafficking ministries that are an ideal fit for their passions and skill set.

When we first learned of the global reality of sex trafficking in 2012, we knew God was calling us to respond. At our local church, we began serving alongside WorldVenture’s Director of Anti-trafficking Initiatives and a team of lay leaders to create awareness of the issue. Brian began serving at a local non-profit that is dedicated to disrupting the demand for commercial sex nationwide. Melissa completed a 300-hour internship researching ways that the church could engage against sex trafficking. She also began mentoring a survivor. The longer we served in anti-trafficking ministry, the more evident it became that God was calling us into this ministry full-time.

We will be on WorldVenture’s Global Anti-trafficking Team as the European Liaisons, serving WorldVenture missionaries, local churches and anti-trafficking organizations, and those impacted by the destructive web of sex trafficking.

Our prayer focus:
To see those caught in the web of sex trafficking experience physical, emotional, and spiritual freedom and restoration through Jesus Christ. To see believers equipped and engaged in serving the marginalized and exploited within sex trafficking’s reach. That is, to see believers “seek justice, defend the oppressed, take up the cause of the fatherless, and plead the case of the widow” (Isaiah 1:17) while they live counter-culturally in an all things permissible culture.

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