4000-452-Mayhugh, Paul and Diana

Serving with the Great Wall Ministries team in Macau. The Mayhughs minister to lower educated laborers, middle class families and college students, as well as Chinese university students and church pastors who are committed, teachable and independent.

During this past term, Paul Mayhugh has been working on his doctorate of philosophy degree at the China Graduate School of Theology in Hong Kong. Paul has also been involved in directing a ministry focused on working with the Chinese people. He also serves as the Senior Pastor of Great Hope Church in Macau. Paulês wife, Diana, continues to serve as a mentor-teacher with Chinese university students at the student ministry center and is Treasurer for WorldVenture Macau.

Previously, Paul taught Bible and coached at Macau Christian Academy. He helped organize and now serves on the Child Evangelism Fellowship Board. He served as Chaplain at Pui Ching Middle School for a number of years before joyfully turning the role over to a local Chinese pastor. He now helps the Chinese Chaplain in an advisory capacity.

Diana has also served as a teacher and on the school board at Macau Christian Academy. She enjoys discipling women and has served as a role model and encourager to fellow teammates as well as a loving and caring wife and mom at home.

The Mayhughs were appointed by WorldVenture in 1979. Alongside co-workers Dennis and Denise Ahern, they founded Great Wall Ministries which is now WorldVenture Macau. After three years of language study in Taiwan, the Mayhughs moved to Hong Kong. While in Hong Kong, Paul and Dennis began teaching Greek and theology at Macau Bible Institute. While teaching in Macau they noticed there were many people living in Macau from their target group.

So in 1986, they moved their families to Macau to begin ministry. Together with their coworkers, the Mayhughs have established three churches, a street meeting ministry and a university student ministry center.

The Mayhughsê ministry in Macau has been full of challenges, the greatest being the loss of significant teammates through the years. By Godês grace, Paul and Diana have remained steadfast in their commitment to Christ and their burden to bring the gospel to Chinese. Godês love and their heart for the Chinese has sustained them and given them an effective and expanding ministry helping Chinese reach Chinese for Christ.

Please pray for the Mayhughs to have a deeper commitment to Christ, for male leaders take on increased responsibility, pastorsê health and spiritual vitality, unity and common vision and more teammates help each other succeed.

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