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New churches are springing up all over Uganda. Having suffered during the reign of Idi Amin and several wars, many Ugandans are receptive to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Christians of Uganda are making great headway in sharing the good news with their people, winning many of them to Christ. However, this explosion of conversions has fomented a crisis in the churches — there are not enough mature leaders to disciple all the new believers. The equipping of pastors and workers to meet this crisis has become the greatest challenge facing the church of Uganda.

For the past 28 years Skip and Ruth Sorensen have focused their ministry on leadership training, teaming with national leaders s on several fronts. Skip travels to rural churches and local Bible schools to teach Old Testament, Bible study methods and preaching to upcoming church leaders. He also helps develop the programs and facilities at the Western Uganda Baptist Bible College near Kasese. He helps organize and teach continuing education seminars and conferences. And he works to train teachers for the local Bible school program that equips pastors, women’s leaders, elders and youth workers for ministry in rural Uganda. This one-year curriculum, which provides rural Ugandan church leaders an overview of the Bible, doctrine, and skills in practical ministry, has enabled them, in turn, to establish local Bible schools in 15 rural church associations.

The Sorensens have recently moved to the strategic town of Mbarara in Western Uganda which gives them easier access to do training throughout the Western part of Uganda. In this new location, Ruth has a ministry of mercy to people living in their neighborhood and also teaching Bible studies in town. She also hosts national leaders who come to their home for meetings and for rest.

They work primarily with the Bakiga and Banyankole tribal groups of Western Uganda, which together comprise one of the largest language groups in Uganda. Hard-working farmers and cattle raisers, they are warm, hospitable people who are hungry for spiritual understanding and open to the gospel.

Pray that the pastors and church leaders will mature spiritually and acquire skills to disciple the church members.

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