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4001-938-Worker Name Withheld

Pastoring II Faro church in Naples Italy.

Il Faro church has a five-year transition to pay the salary of an Italian full-time Pastor.

The goal is to be an autonomous local church, supporting its own pastor. The average size of an Italian church is 50 people. With a small number of larger churches, and unaccustomed to the practice of tithing, few Italians support their own pastor, resulting in bi-vocational pastors.

This special project will advance the objective of establishing and reproducing churches. Il Faro IBC has a history of supporting its pastor and would like to return to this practice of full support through local giving. In this way, the pastor can dedicate himself fully to the mission of developing mature and united disciples to reach Naples, Italy and the world for Christ. Future churches will be started with this self-supporting principle as part of the DNA.

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