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Simple Christmas: Reminders for Complex Times

28 devotionals for your Kindle, tablet/phone, or to print for these unprecedented times written by missionaries and staff from all over the world. One devotional for each day starting December 1.


Re-Frame Your Christmas

May these words remind you of the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ, and help usher in a simple time of celebration and reflection. Share your #WVSimpleChristmas stories with us and your friends on social media. Post a personal picture, use the hashtag, and share a response to the devotional.


Merry Christmas

At WorldVenture, missions is so much more than you financially supporting this global ministry. We believe in the importance of partnership. God has called us to embark on His mission to save the world together!

So I hope this resource was a blessing to you and that it helped you focus on Jesus during these unprecedented times. Because you aren’t just our partner in ministry... we’re your partners, too.

Engaging the world for gospel impact,

Jeff Denlinger
President, WorldVenture


Sharable Resources

Invite your friends and neighbors to follow our journey here or here as we live #WVSimpleChristmas starting December 1. You can use the above graphics or create your own.
Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. – Matthew 5:16
Ask us to pray for your friends and neighbors this year here.
Do you have a #WVSimpleChristmas story to share with us? Message us via Facebook or Instagram. Tell us how this devotional helped you this Christmas.
Download 2020 Christmas Devotional: