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By Mandy Post

“It’s almost like a fresh start.”

I was having coffee recently with a new friend, and we were chatting about the history of Galway City Baptist Church (GCBC) and what it looks like today after sending a core group to start another church. That’s when she made this comment. And I quite liked the sound of it!

In the beginning, GCBC was very much a missionary led church. We WorldVenture workers began the work, created the programs, led the worship services, and made up the elder board. Over the years, that has begun to shift, and we are excited to see how and where God leads His church beyond all our original efforts. It quite literally feels like a fresh start!

Just this past Sunday, I was able to meet with a small group from the church to explore finding a permanent facility. GCBC met in a hotel for 4 years and has been meeting in the local primary school for the last 15 years. We would love to have our own space – a place that didn’t require weekly setup and tear down; a property we owned; a community space we could offer to local groups and businesses; and physical visibility in the community. And all of this stems from our true hearts’ desires to bring God glory and make Him known in Galway. It is exciting dreaming big like this.

Of course, talking about this big dream brought up the other big dream for GCBC of being able to hire and support a pastor. So, this small group decided we must get these dreams to the forefront of everyone’s minds and prayers. Over the days leading up to our church business meeting this May, we are challenging people to pray about these things. We want to hear how the Lord speaks to the church for GCBC’s future and next steps to take in reaching these big dreams.

We know that nothing is impossible for our God so He could make both of these dreams come true at the same time, but we also hold the dreams loosely to watch the Lord work however He chooses in His infinite wisdom.

Will you join us in praying with GCBC for these big dreams? Also, if a permanent space for our church or a house for a future pastor is something you or someone you know might want to invest in, please follow this link. We would be grateful for any contributions.

Discussion Questions:

On your social media, share the link to this blog with an answer to the questions below. Or write your answer in the comments. 

  • Have you experienced the church planting journey? Share your experiences and how God worked through your church plant.
  • Write out a prayer for the Galway church using Scripture.
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